Travel Pharmacist

Company Name:
Concentric Healthcare Staffing
Concentric Healthcare Solutions is a leader in the healthcare recruiting and staffing industry, specializing in healthcare employment with an emphasis in Nursing, Radiology, and Pharmacy Staffing. Concentric exhibits a passion for partnering with our clients to become an integral part of their staffing solution.

Concentric Healthcare Solutions is currently looking for Pharmacists for placements all over the U.S.
If you are seeking a new opportunity within Pharmacy, this opportunity is for you!
The current open positions require very independent and experienced Pharmacist.
Must have significant experience working as a Hospital Pharmacist.

Pharmacist responsibilities:
oProvide specialized pharmaceutical services to improve drug usage and therapeutic outcomes including advising physicians on issues concerning drug therapy, the inherent toxicity of drugs and side effects, as well as assisting in the prescription of appropriate doses.
oIV, TPN, and CHEMO preparation.
oCoordinate the activities of assigned pharmacy technicians engaged in the preparation, labeling and delivery of medications and other pharmaceutical supplies in accordance with physicians' prescriptions; ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to the dispensing of drugs and controlled drugs and the maintenance of required records.
oMaintain liaison relationships with medical and nursing staff; provide timely information pertaining to pharmaceutical supplies, drug usage and compatibility, state and federal regulations regarding drug controls, and Joint Commission standards.
oConduct and evaluate medication histories, assess compliance and suggest modifications so as to achieve desired outcomes; instruct patients in the proper use of prescribed drugs; participate in patient care rounds with multidisciplinary teams to evaluate patient progress.
o Individualize medication regimens using sound principles, accounting for pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic variations in drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination with responsibility for establishing and continually improving the delivery of pharmaceutical care to patients within areas of direct responsibility and assisting others in the department with the same.
oPerform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.
Duties Also Include:
Monitor efficacy, side effects and clinical outcomes of medications and advises providers as indicated.
Evaluate lab data, drug interactions, adverse drug effects, and screens for allergies.
Serve as drug information resource for all health care providers.
Provide patient/family education and counseling.
Maintain professional competency by keeping abreast of current medical and pharmaceutical literature, new drugs and therapies, and applies this knowledge in daily practice.
Review, process, and dispense medication orders electronically after establishing appropriateness of drug choice, dosage, administration route and quantity in a timely manner.
Review/monitor patient medication profiles for compliance and potential problems.
Resolve drug related problems as they arise.
Supervise activities of certified pharmacy technicians.
Ensure proper labeling and packaging in compliance with federal laws and VA regulations.
Contribute to the success of established performance measures and cost-savings initiatives related to pharmacy practice.

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