Database Administrator

Company Name:
The MAXIS Group
Job Title of Opening: Database Administrator
In a consulting environment liaise with client's engineering management (e.g. service engineering, storage and networking teams) as required to design and implement migration solutions of virtual and physical servers between multiple data centers. Design and implement comprehensive central management server solution for very large database servers (e.g. between 500-700 servers). Design and implement high availability solutions to meet established Service Line Agreements (SLA) utilizing Always On, Database Mirroring, Replication and Clustering technologies (these are SQL tools used to ensure the availability of data in a reliable robust and secure environment). Troubleshoot and performance tuning of mission critical applications within the database environment. Provide support to peers on best practices. Ensure delivery of services comport with SLA, client expectations and contractual obligations. Research new technologies to ensure databases incorporate state of the art technologies utilizing Azure (cloud computing technologies), Bigdata and Hadoop (used to develop for high transactional databases and for reporting purposes).
Requires a Master's Degree in Computer or Production Engineering and one year of experience. In lieu of, will accept a Bachelor's Degree in Computer or Production Engineering and five years of experience, or any suitable combination of education, training or experience thereof. No less than a Bachelor's Degree and five years of progressive experience.
Please send resumes to or fax them to 480-998-2419 or mail them to: The Maxis Group, Inc., 8167 E. Del Camino Drive, STE 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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