SAS Programmer


SAS Programmer

Period: 01/28/2019 to 07/20/2019

Work Location: 10001 N 92nd Street, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85258

This SAS Programmer will assist with the stabilization of current SAS packages and configurations and assist with the transition of these packages to SQL. SQL knowledge will be critical for this position.

Position Summary

Use SAS and SQL skills in pulling the correct data-sets for analysis Current project is to sustain the current SAS jobs, and then prepare for the transition of the SAS jobs to SQL


Use SAS and SQL skills in pulling the correct data-sets for analysis Assessment of prior developer code is necessary to be able to streamline and if needed make these packages more efficient; or if not feasible, transition to SQL


5+ years of experience in SAS and SQL Related experience in PBM or Pharmacy claims or healthcare claims on data management and data processing Have worked with large quantities of data (millions of records)


Bachelors or equivalent amount of related-experience

What days & hours will the person work in this position? List training hours, if different.

7AM - 4PM

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